Alanna the First Adventure: Song of the Lioness by Tamora Pierce

Reviewed by Keri


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Language:  Name calling

Violence: Bullying , fist fighting, punching, broken arm and nose, bleeding and bruising.  Fighting with magic.

Sexual Content:  Alanna poses as a boy.  As she matures she needs to bind herself and find a way to take care of her monthly cycle without the others knowing.  She refuses to swim with the others and must be casual about them walking about her without clothes on.

Adult themes:  Alanna befriends a thief who enjoys his women friends and his drink.  No detail is given. Worship of mythical type gods.  Good and evil magic used to help and hurt people.


Alanna and her twin brother Thom are of age to begin training for their future.  Alanna has always wanted to be a knight, which is forbidden for girls.  Her passion, however, helps her find a way to trade places with her twin who was supposed to become a knight. Alanna heads to the palace and must begin as a page and work her way up.   This is not easy when she has to deal with a bully who wants nothing more than to make her miserable.  Alanna is determined, however, to work hard and master all of the skills she is being taught, including her magical gift to heal.  Her determination helps her to make friends and even gain favor with the young Prince Jonathan.  Alanna also finds an enemy in Jonathan’s uncle, Duke Roger which leads her and her friends to greater adventures.

A tale of adventure and magic for the girl who wishes she could be a part of it all.  Alanna is a character full of courage and flaws, but her desire to be better helps her to conquer the things that stand in the way of her dreams.   She learns to find friends that will stand by her side and live by the code of chivalry.  It took me a few pages to get into the story, but as the plot picked up, the pages flew by. The ending is a bit abrupt, leaving room for the sequel to this series which I would like to read.

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