Cryptid Hunters by Roland Smith

Reviewed by Jennifer


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Language: A handful of profanities

Violence: Grace is kidnapped, tied up and help prisoner. Marty hits Butch in the head with a stick. Bertha ties up Butch. A dinosaur kills a person. Characters in peril.

Adult Themes: Grace and Marty’s parents are missing after their helicopter crashes in the Amazon. They go to live with their uncle.


The O’Hara twins, Grace and Marty, are attending boarding school in Switzerland when they learn that their parents have disappeared in the Amazon jungle. Whisked away to live with a mysterious uncle they never knew they had, they arrive on Uncle Travis’s private island in Washington state. Travis Wolfe is a cryptozoologist. He studies cryptids, mythical creatures, like the Sasquatch and the Lock Ness Monster, whose existence has not yet been scientifically proven. Uncle Travis has an excursion to the Congo planned, which does not include the twins, but the twins have plans of their own.

Literally falling into the Congolese jungle, Grace and Marty learn to navigate the dangers of the jungle while trying to find a dinosaur that may not be extinct. If that isn’t enough for the 13-year-olds to worry about, they also have to outsmart Travis’s enemy and cryptid hunter, Noah Blackwood and his henchmen, who are also looking for the dinosaur. Grace and Marty find out what they are truly made of in the jungle, they also find out who they truly are.

This was a fun read-aloud for our family. It is exciting and kept everyone engaged, and it has some interesting relationships as well.

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