Hot Ticket by Tracy Marchini

Reviewed by Aimee


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Language:  There were a couple exclamations involving Deity.  Sucks and pissed were also used once.  Some phrases like, “what’s up her butt” were also used.

Sexual Content:  6th grader Juliet goes on her first date.  She worries about what will happen if he tries to kiss her on the lips.  She says her first kiss is supposed to be with a really hot guy.  There are a couple instances of hand holding.


Juliet thinks she is the most un-cool kid in the whole 6th grade.  And now these things called Hot Tickets are showing up and everyone seems to be getting one but her.  Juliet is going crazy wondering where the Hot Tickets are coming from so she decides to make it her job to solve the mystery and figure out the person behind the social craze.  Certainly unmasking the Hot Ticket master will earn her a year’s worth of coolness.  Maybe she’ll even get her picture in the yearbook!

I really enjoyed reading this middle grade novel.  Juliet is a fun, likeable character with a knack for getting into trouble.  Her take on 6th grade and the cool crowd is humorous.  There were several times in the book I found myself snickering.  My favorite line (because it’s probably one I can really relate to) is, “Cindy’s left ear is probably cooler than my entire body ever will be.”  It was fun to watch Juliet learn about friendships and how to treat others as she navigates through her 6th grade mystery.

I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.  This is currently available as an e-book.  I read mine on my Kindle.



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