Nim’s Island by Wendy Orr

Reviewed by Jennifer


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Adult Themes: Nim’s mother dies in an aquatic accident when Nim is a baby. Characters in peril.


Nim and her scientist father, Jack, live on a beautiful, deserted island. They receive a few necessities from a supply boat every once in awhile, but otherwise live on the garden they raise and the coconuts and other fruits that grow on the island. When Jack goes on an expedition to study plankton for three days, Nim stays at home, alone. While she is completely at ease on her own, Nim is grateful to have a sea lion for a mother, a sea turtle for a friend and a marine iguana for laughs. On the day Jack is to return to the island, a terrible storm hits. Unable to reach each other by cell phone, Nim and her father communicate via notes carried by Galileo, a frigate bird. In this emergency situation, Nim must take charge of keeping their belongings and friends safe from the menacing weather, but it just so happens that help is on the way. While Jack has been away, Nim has struck up an e-mail friendship with Alex Rover, an adventure writer who contacted Jack for some scientific advice for her next book. Nim and Alex become friends and when Nim needs her the most, Alex comes to the rescue, just like the fictional heroes she writes about.

A fun, adventurous read for any age and an excellent choice for a read aloud.


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