Rating System

In an effort to make our rating system as uniform as possible, we have created the following rubric. Please keep in mind that because every book is different, as are the people rating them, it is impossible to have a perfect system. Our “Rating Explanation” of each book gives more concrete information behind the assigned rating in each category. We hope that you will take the information we provide and make informed decisions about which books are appropriate for the children and young adults in your life. If you have suggestions or questions please send us a comment. We would love to hear from you!

The Literate Mother Rating Rubric

General Explanation of the 0-5 Rating System in Language, Violence, Sexual Content and Adult Themes

0= No content

1= Minimal content

2= Moderate content – A level of content acceptable for most children/youth in the recommended age group

3= Moderately High content – May be unsuitable for some children/youth in recommended age group

4= High level of content

5= Excessive or disturbing level of content

Further Guidelines

Language: Includes commonly used swear words and profanity (defined as terms traditionally used to denote deity). Also includes derogatory speech referring to race, disabilities, gender, or age, and disrespectful speech toward authority, parents, leaders, etc. Rating is based on number of instances. More forceful or offensive language garners a higher rating.

Violence: Includes any kind of violent act, both fantasy and real. Rating is based on intensity and frequency of violence.

Sexual Content: Includes nudity, sexual situations, sexually explicit language, and characters engaging in, retelling, or discussing sexual activity or desires.

Adult Themes: Any theme or situation in the book which could be considered “adult” including, but not limited to, adultery, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, unethical behavior, drug and alcohol use, criminal activity, and gender issues.

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