Slayers by C.J. Hill

Reviewed by Aimee


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Language:  A comment is made about giving someone the finger.  There are a couple of references to someone swearing but no actual swearing occurs.  For example, someone “let out streams of curse words.”

Violence:  A woman has a dream that a dragon is terrorizing the city.  The dragon grabs a van with screaming occupants and then drops it back to the earth.  It grabs and then drops a woman to the ground.  People are hiding and trying to escape.  In the dream, the woman is clawed down her back by the dragon and wakes up to find the claw marks on her back.  Tori and Jesse fight.  A fireball singes Tori’s hair.  In training, people get hurt.  Tori breaks through a window.  Guards are shot with tranquilizer guns.  Tori is captured by bad men and chained up.  Guards are tackled.  There is a fight with a dragon, with fire and chasing.  The dragon is killed.  Tori is shot at.

Sexual Content:  There are a couple of kisses.


Tori did not sign up to save the world.  She just wanted to attend a dragon camp for the summer.  As the Senator’s daughter, she might be spoiled but she is also smart and uncommonly gifted at many things, like archery and shooting.  Now she is being told that she has powers passed down from ancient knights who used to fight against dragons.  Oh, and by the way, dragons are real.  Very real.  And very dangerous.  That’s why Tori is being asked to train and hone those powers to save the world from the hands of an evil man who holds the eggs of the dragons.  If she and the few others like her don’t stop him, many innocent lives will be lost.

This was an exciting, fun read from beginning to end.  My daughter actually got to this book before me.  She handed it back to me the next day and said, “this was a really good book, mom.  We should buy this book.  When is the next one coming out?”  I completely agree.  This is a book I’ll want to read again.  The story and the characters were great.  I could visualize this book as if it were a movie.  I loved the humor too.  It was right up my alley.  Here is one of my favorite quotes from the book.  “That will teach you, she told herself sternly, not to fall for guys just because they’re gorgeous and have superpowers.  It never ends well.”  This book is labeled YA.

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  1. BooksforYAs Says:

    As a fan of just about anything dragon, I’m looking forward to reading this one.

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