The Black Stallion by Walter Farley

Reviewed by Karen


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Language:  The Lord’s name is taken in vain 3 times (once in English, twice in Italian)

Violence:  The Black is a fierce, aggressive  Arabian who fights other horses.  Horses are whipped and chocked to get them under control. An Arabian man is trampled.  Alec receives several injuries from The Black, including being kicked and being dragged behind a rope.

Adult Content: Alec is in a great storm at sea which sinks his ship. Alec witnesses passengers drown.  Though frightened and alone, Alec learns to survive on a deserted island.


Alec Ramsey, a young man who is traveling home on a great ship, faces adventure when a storm arises and the vessel sinks.  The only survivors of the shipwreck are Alec and a wild and ferocious Arabian horse the boy names, The Black.  The two must rely on each other to survive on a deserted island.  A strong bond of love and respect forms during their island adventures.  When a rescue party finds Alec, he insists on bringing The Black home with him.  Once home in New York, Alec befriends an elderly neighbor who was a former champion racehorse jockey.  Together, the two secretly train The Black to become a champion racehorse, but without pedigree papers, will The Black ever be able to enter a competition to prove he is the fastest?

This is a classic children’s story beloved by generations of young horse-enthusiasts.  The Black Stallion is the first in a long series of books about The Black and his offspring.  It is a great book about the bond between people and their  animals.


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