The Lilies of the Field by William E. Barrett

Reviewed by Keri


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Language:  A couple of common swear words.

Adult Themes:  Mention of racial prejudice.  A man and his wife are burned in their home.  Nuns from Germany are shunned and sent away.


Homer is home from the war and enjoying his freedom as he roams from town to town and works when he pleases.  He is enjoying his foot-loose and fancy free lifestyle until Mother Maria Marthe prays for a miracle and he ends up stopping by the field where she and her fellow nuns are working.  The nuns are from the wrong part of Germany and were sent to the United States to work on a piece of donated land.  They are determined to build a church here for the wayward boys of this small town.  Homer is taken by the nuns and their acceptance of him despite the color of his skin, but when he learns of their plans for him, Homer is not so sure he wants to give up that much of his freedom.  In her very broken English and stern manner, Mother Marthe lets Homer know that faith will provide just as God provides for the lilies of the fields.   Homer must decide whether to swallow his pride or embrace his freedom.

This has been a book on my to read list for quite some time.  I am very glad that I finally got to it.  A quick read with a very powerful and tender story of the heart.  Truly the human race can do much good if we can overlook the color of our skin, and the preference of our religion.  A definite must read for all.





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