Theodore Boone: The Abduction by John Grisham

Reviewed by Jennifer


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Language: One or two religious exclamations (OMG).

Adult Themes: April is part of a very dysfunctional family. Her mother and father both disappear for days at a time and she is often left alone at home. It is mentioned that her mother has a drug problem. During the search for April, a body is found in the river.


Theodore Boone is the only son of his attorney parents and he has inherited their love of the law. Theo spends his spare time hanging out at the courthouse, getting to know the judges and observing trials (his favorite is animal court). One night, his best friend, April, disappears from her bedroom without a trace. With no sign of forced entry and no ransom note, the police assume April has run away. Theo knows that her home life is difficult, and she often confided in him that she would like to run away, but would she really leave without telling anyone, not even Theo? The longer April is missing, the more convinced Theo becomes that April did not run away. Following clues that the police have missed and employing his knowledge of the law, Theo races the clock to bring April home.

I really like mysteries and as a kid I loved the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books. Theodore Boone feels like the modern day equivelant of those classic youth mysteries. Theo is smart and observant, respectful but determined, and he knows the law and when it is on his side. He is a true friend and is unwilling to stand around and wait for the grown-ups to find his best friend. The Abduction has plenty of suspense and also some great humor. A fun read for ages 13+. 

**I have to add that I listened to this book, mostly while driving, so it is possible that I missed some content because I chose to arrive alive rather than take notes. I apologize if I have missed anything important.

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