Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke

Reviewed by Aimee


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Title:  Zita the Spacegirl

Author:  Ben Hatke

Ratings Explanation

Violence:  Zita’s friend is kidnapped by aliens.  Some mild peril as Zita and friends are attacked by some spider robot things.  Zita and Piper are taken captive.


What do you do when you find a little device with a big red button sitting in a hole?  You get the device and push the button!  At least, that’s what Zita does.   The next thing she knows her friend Joseph is gone, taken by who knows what!  Zita follows, determined to save Joseph.  Far from home, across the universe, on a far away planet, Zita meets monsters.  But, she also meets friends who help along the way.

I LOVED this book!  It took me forever (maybe a slight exaggeration here) to finally get my hands on it though.  My kids swiped it up right away and it didn’t surface again for days!  My youngest (8) read through it twice and loved it.  This is a graphic novel and one of the first ones I’ve read and owned.  I won it through First Reads on Goodreads.  I know, lucky, huh?  This book was funny.  I laughed right out loud several times.  Which for me, is something.  This is a “fun for all ages” kind of book.  One you just love to share.

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